Lost Spring Summary

Lost Spring Summary | Class 12 English ~ Flamingo CH2

Lost Spring Summary

Lost Spring Summary

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The story portrays the existence of the cloth pickers who have relocated from Dhaka to Seemapuri looking professionally. Their green fields back home had been cleared away by the tempests. Saheb is one such cloth picker who scroungers for ‘gold’ as in trash each day since trash to them is gold and their everyday bread.

The word trash has an alternate significance for their folks and these youngsters. To their folks, it’s their method for endurance, and for the youngsters, it is enveloped by wonder. Sahib gets truly intrigued when he lets the storyteller know that occasionally he even observes a ten-rupee note in the trash. These kids have dreams and want yet no means to accomplish them.

They come up short on conveniences like shoes and attempt to be content by legitimizing that it is a custom to remain or remain shoeless. They are trapped in a snare of destitution and are troubled by the flaws of the station where they are gotten

The story manages the existence of Mukesh who has a place with the group of bangle creators. Around 20,000 kids are occupied with this business of bangle-making uninformed about the law that precludes them to do as such. They live in extremely helpless circumstances and hopeless working circumstances.

The kids working under such an unsafe and horrendous climate lose their visual perception or here and there even go visually impaired prior to venturing into adulthood. Truth be told, their eyes are more changed in accordance with the dull than to the light. Mukesh’s grandma has acknowledged this way of life and says that it’s her better half’s ‘karma’, his fate that he has gone visually impaired with the residue from cleaning the bangles.

On being asked by the storyteller for what valid reason don’t they arrange themselves into cooperatives they answer that regardless of whether they get coordinated they will be the person who will be abused, beaten, and imprisoned by the police for accomplishing something unlawful. Since there is no pioneer among them they don’t look at things in an unexpected way. They are trapped in an endless loop of the ‘sahukaars’, the attendants of the law, the officials, and the legislators.

Be that as it may, Mukesh is not the same as the remainder of the society there. He dreams to turn into an engine technician and needs to go to the carport and learn. He is content to dream of vehicles that he sees tearing down the roads of his town.

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Lost Spring Summary
Lost Spring Summary | Class 12 English ~ Flamingo CH2

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