My Mother at Sixty Six Summary | Class 12 English ~ Flamingo

My Mother at Sixty six Summary

My Mother at Sixty six Summary

Given underneath is the Summary of the lesson – “My Mother at Sixty six Summary.

My mom at 66 is a sonnet whose creator is Kamala Das. This poem is renowned for catching the difficulties of connections between individuals. This sonnet is perhaps the best instance of holding in people.

Particularly the connection between a mother and a little girl. This sonnet characterizes the anxiety toward the creator of losing her mom. My mom at 66 synopses will expound on the sensations of the creator and will likewise characterize the importance of the sonnet.

Maturing is an unpreventable period of each human’s existence. An individual enters their youth, encounters immaturity when they are enthusiastic, and have countless dreams.

Right off the bat, when the creator goes to the Cochin air terminal with her mom she takes a gander at her cautiously and presents before us her picture. As she sees her mom’s delicate and whitish face, she stalls out with the feeling of dread toward losing her mom. Her mom with a drowsy face and open mouth is equivalent to a cadaver. Here, the creator shows love and love is a connection between a mother and a girl.

The artist is harmed and pitiful and shifts her consideration outside the vehicle for driving out the unfortunate sentiments. She changes her awful state of mind and the scene from the window of the vehicle is of rising life and energy. The quick-running green and gigantic trees close by the happily playing kids address life, youth, and imperativeness. The artist here is recollecting about her own youth.

In her adolescence

Her mom was youthful and excellent. Though presently her mom is encircled by the apprehension about losing her life and that made her uncertain and dismal.

She arrives at the air terminal to take her flight. It shows flight and separation which makes her pitiful. As she bid farewell to her mom, the picture of the old mother in the nightfall of years strikes her.

The artist is presently feeling the aggravation of getting isolated as a result of leaving her mom. Her youth dread of losing her caring mother presently turned out to be so startling. Presently her mom could pass on from advanced age whenever suddenly. She is tragic to the point that she begins crying gradually without control yet keeping a courageous heart she conceals her tears and starts grinning.

In this manner, she offers her goodbye to her old mother and keeps her expectation of seeing her mom alive once more. She says “see you soon, Amma”. She conceals her tears and distress as she would rather not make a difficult and enthusiastic climate. Besides, she doesn’t need her mom to cry and shows her that she is partaking in her life. She anticipates that her mom should be cheerful and partake in her life very much like her.

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My Mother at Sixty six Summary
My Mother at Sixty Six Summary | Class 12 English ~ Flamingo

My Mother at Sixty six Summary Explanation Video

About the Author

Kamala Das

My Mother at Sixty six Summary

Kamala Surayya, popularly known by her one-time pen name Madhavikutty and married name Kamala Das, was an Indian poet in English as well as an author in Malayalam from Kerala, India. Indian author who wrote openly and frankly about female sexual desire and the experience of being an Indian woman.

  • Born: 31 March 1934, Punnayurkulam
  • Died: 31 May 2009, Pune
  • Spouse: Madhava Das (m. 1949–1992)
  • Children: Madhav Das Nalapat, Jayasurya Das, Chinnen Das
  • Parents: Balamani Amma, V. M. Nair

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