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The Tiger King Summary

The Tiger King Summary in English

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The Tiger King Summary”:

In “The Tiger King,” we meet a king who wants to do something unique. He thinks just ruling his kingdom isn’t enough. He dreams of killing a hundred tigers and becoming the Tiger King.

But on his big day as King, a tiger almost attacks him! Scared, he decides to eliminate all the tigers in his land. He orders a big hunt with his ministers.

It takes a lot of work to catch the tigers. Many hunters get hurt or die. But the King doesn’t give up. He keeps going.

Then, a wise hermit warns him about his actions. The hermit says terrible things will happen if he keeps killing tigers.

The King ignores the warning and keeps hunting. Finally, he manages to kill a hundred tigers. He’s thrilled!

But happiness doesn’t last. On King’s way back, a hurt tiger attacks him, and he gets badly hurt. The hermit’s words come true.

Feeling sad and sorry, the King decides to change. He gives up being King and promises to protect the tigers. A wounded tiger even forgives him!

Now, the Tiger King cares for tigers and is loved by his people. He learns being kind and humble is better than chasing big dreams with violence.

“The Tiger King” teaches us that caring for nature and being kind to animals is the natural way to be great.

Conclusion of the Tiger King Summary

By means of the tiger king summary, the writer wants to say that no one can change what’s written in destiny no matter what they do.

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The Tiger King Summary

The Tiger King Summary

The Tiger King Summary in Hindi

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About The Author

The Tiger King Summary
NameKalki Krishnamurthy
BirthSeptember 9, 1899
DeathDecember 5, 1954
OccupationWriter, Journalist
Notable Works“Ponniyin Selvan,” “Sivagamiyin Sabatham,” “Parthiban Kanavu,” “Alai Osai,” “The Tiger King” (Short Story)
Literary StyleHistorical Fiction, Short Stories
BackgroundKalki Krishnamurthy was born in Tamil Nadu, India. He was a prolific writer and journalist, known for his exceptional storytelling skills.
Writing CareerKalki’s writing career began as a journalist, and he worked for various Tamil newspapers and magazines. He gained immense popularity and recognition as a historical fiction writer, with his epic novel “Ponniyin Selvan” being one of his most famous works. “The Tiger King” is one of his notable short stories.
The Tiger King“The Tiger King” is a satirical short story that revolves around the obsession of a king to kill a hundred tigers. It humorously depicts the consequences of the king’s actions and carries a message about the folly of unchecked ambition.
LegacyKalki Krishnamurthy is remembered as one of the most influential writers in Tamil literature. His works continue to be widely read and appreciated, and he is hailed as a master storyteller of his time.


In conclusion “The Tiger King” is a captivating story that teaches us about the consequences of unchecked ambition and the importance of compassion towards nature and animals. Through the transformation of the King, the story emphasizes that true greatness lies in kindness and humility.

Kalki Krishnamurthy, the author of this timeless tale, remains a celebrated writer in Tamil literature, known for his exceptional storytelling abilities in both historical fiction and short stories.

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